What is the Nation Marketplace?

We are a global business-to-business (B2B) product showcase and export promotion site based in the United States that enables buyers to source products direct from manufacturers and suppliers. Our Mission is to unite verified suppliers with buyers from all nations, large or small and to make it easier for buyers to find the products they need.

Why is the company called the Nation Marketplace?

We have distinguished each supplier on our website with their own country page similar to the Lithuanian Marketplace, Chile Marketplace, South Africa Marketplace and more. This enables buyers to source by country as well as using the general search.  However, as an American company, our plan is to make the United States Marketplace our anchor property for which all nations will benefit through increased traffic.

If I don't see my country on the Nation Marketplace. How can it be added?

When you purchase a membership of $9.99 or greater, we will create a new country landing page when your products are uploaded to the site so that your nation is represented. Become the first supplier to promote your country on the Nation Marketplace!

Is the Nation Marketplace an eCommerce website?

Not yet, but we will be offering eCommerce functionality for all US suppliers in 2024.  Today, when a buyer is interested in purchasing a product, they must submit an inquiry using the Contact Supplier button shown on every product page to privatly arrange their purchase.

Does the Nation Marketplace handle the supply-chain management of a product shipment?

No, all shipping arrangements are currently made between the buyer and seller. Freight quotations are often made available through the supplier's export department. For lumber and agriculture, the supplier may have a minimum order of 10 tons or full container to be shipped as domestic cargo or ocean freight. For perishable goods such as meats and dairy, the supplier may require a minimum order of one pallet. Due to every transaction being unique, the Nation Marketplace is not involved in the actual ordering or shipping of goods or services at this time.

Can a buyer communicate with more than one supplier at a time?

Yes, once a buyer is registered and logged into the site, they will have access to a dashboard which enables them to track all of their supplier inquires.

How do I reach Customer Service?

All customer service inquiries are processed through Customer Care. Our contact center representatives will process and respond to your inquiry within twenty-four hours.

Supplier FAQs

What makes the Nation Marketplace a good value?

Global Exposure - you may showcase 1 to 10 products for just $9.99 annually. If you are a farmer who grows rice or exports bananas, you can upload just those products to reach both domestic and international buyers. In addition, we offer tiered pricing for suppliers having 250 to 1,000+ products at rates far below what others charge.

How does the Nation Marketplace verify that buyer inquiries are real?

When a buyer makes a supplier inquiry for product information, the buyer will click Contact Supplier. If they are new to the site, the buyer will register their business with the Nation Marketplace. We then validate the buyer's contact information in real-time to ensure the information is genuine, and not spam. Once validated, the buyer's inquiry is forwarded directly to the supplier.

What are my benefits as a supplier?

Companies who are looking to expand sales, attract new customers, increase market and brand awareness will find the Nation Marketplace a valuable resource for domestic and international lead generation.

Does the Nation Marketplace take a percentage of the sale?

No, you only pay the membership fee. The Nation Marketplace does not receive a commission or percentage of any sale.

How do I sign up to be a supplier in Nation Marketplace?

It's easy. Just click the Sell icon from our Homepage and fill out the application and payment process. Your credit card will not be charged until we review and approve your membership application. You will be notified by email when your account is approved at which time your credit card will be charged.

How does my membership work?

Once you are approved as a supplier, we will send you a Welcome email with instructions on how to access the supplier portal to upload products along with your store banner and company logo. Once you have completed uploading your products manually or by using our CSV bulk upload tool, your store will then be reviewed by the Nation Marketplace product evaluation team before anything goes live on the site. This is to ensure that all products abide by the Nation Marketplace Listing Policy described in the Terms and Conditions. Once the products are reviewed and accepted, your store will become active on the site. If we find that one or more of your products do not meet the conditions of the Listing Policy, we will only approve those products that do meet the approved guidelines. Once the products are live on the site, the supplier has full control over their store to delete products, change pricing, etc.

When does my membership renew?

Each membership renews annually on the date of original purchase. During the initial registration, you will be given the option to maintain your credit card on file. Prior to charging your credit card for the annual renewal, we will send out an advance email to notify you the date your credit card will be processed. Once payment has been received, we will send you an automatic email with a payment receipt. If your credit card has expired or cannot be processed, we will also notify you so other arrangements can be made. If payment cannot be authorized, we will remove your products from the site after the membership expiration date.

If I close my account or my account does not renew, what happens to my product images and content?

Your products and images will not be visible on the Nation Marketplace but will remain inactive in our system for 30-days to allow for an easy reinstatement of your account. After 30-days, all data will be deleted.

How do I reinstate my account?

If your products have been removed from the Nation Marketplace for non-payment, your overall account remains active. Simply login into your supplier site and click 'Make a Payment' to reinstate your account. Need help? Contact Us.

Can I get a refund if I change my mind after purchasing a membership?

The Nation Marketplace does not offer refunds after purchasing a membership. Similar to buying a software license, all sales are final.

Is there any special consideration for suppliers based in Ukraine?

Yes, we made a corporate decision to help all businesses in Ukraine. If you operate a business based in Ukraine, (excluding the region of Crimea), the Nation Marketplace will waive all membership fees. Please contact our Customer Service Team for more information about getting started.

Buyer FAQs

What are the benefits for sourcing on the Nation Marketplace?

The Nation Marketplace is an excellent resource for sourcing domestic and international products. We showcase commodities from bulk agricultural products to specialty foods from around the world, as well as a wide variety of lumber and manufactured goods. The majority of our suppliers are based in Europe, the United States, Africa, India and we are adding more suppliers to our site. We don't charge visitors a fee to access and browse the site or to communicate with suppliers.

Can I request a quotation for something I can't locate on the site?

Yes, we provide a feature called Need a Quote? located on our homepage. Once you fill out the online request form and submit it, someone from our team will get back to you within twenty-four hours.

Why do I need to register with the Nation Marketplace when I click the Contact Supplier button?

It's important that we validate every request to ensure it is genuine and not spam when it comes to communicating with our verified suppliers. Once you complete the short registration form, you will receive a one-time email verification to validate your contact information. You will not be charged a fee for registering with the Nation Marketplace. Registered buyers can freely communicate with any supplier on our site.

Can a buyer communicate with more than one supplier at a time?

Yes, once a buyer is registered and logged into the site, you will have access to a dashboard which enables you track inquiries and manage your account.

What is the relationship between a Nation Marketplace, buyer and supplier?

The Nation Marketplace is a platform for showcasing products. When a buyer communicates with a supplier, the purchasing relationship is exclusively between the buyer and supplier. The Nation Marketplace does not receive a commission on product sales or participate in the negotiation of a purchase agreement as stated in the Terms and Conditions.

What does EXW, FOB, or CFI mean as shown on various product pages?

These are shipping and freight terms relating to delivery of goods. Ex Works(sometimes shown asEXWorExWorks) is a widely used international shipping term or 'Incoterm'. The terms allocate the division of responsibility between the Shipper (usually the supplier) and the Consignee (usually the buyer) in the process of shipping the goods from one to the other. Additional information about the various Incoterm designations can be found on the internet.

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