What is the Nation Marketplace?

We are a global business-to-business (B2B) product showcase based in the United States that enables buyers to source products direct from manufacturers and suppliers. Our Mission is to unite verified suppliers with buyers from all nations, large or small and to make it easier for buyers to find the products they need.

Why is the company called the Nation Marketplace?

We have distinguished each supplier on our website with their own country page similar to the Lithuanian Marketplace, Cameroon Marketplace, India Marketplace and more. This enables buyers to specifically source by country as well as using the general search.

If I don't see my country on the Nation Marketplace. How can it be added?

When you purchase a membership of $9.99 or greater, we will create a new country landing page when your products are uploaded to the site so that your nation is represented. Become the first supplier to promote your country on the Nation Marketplace!

Is the Nation Marketplace an eCommerce website?

We are not a retail website where shoppers can purchase an item and checkout using a credit card. We are a global B2B product showcase. When a buyer is interested in purchasing a supplier's product, they must submit an inquiry using the Contact Supplier button shown on every product page to arrange their purchase.

Does the Nation Marketplace handle the supply-chain management of a product shipment?

No, all shipping arrangements are made between the buyer and seller. Freight quotations are often made available through the supplier's export department. For lumber and agriculture, the supplier may have a minimum order of 10 tons or full container load to be shipped as domestic cargo or ocean freight. For perishable goods such as meats and dairy, the supplier may require a minimum order of one pallet. Due to every transaction being unique, the Nation Marketplace is not involved in the actual ordering or shipping of goods or services.

Can a buyer communicate with more than one supplier at a time?

Yes, once a buyer is registered and logged into the site, they will have access to a dashboard which enables them to track all of their supplier inquires.

How do I reach Customer Service?

All customer service inquiries are processed through Customer Care. Our contact center representatives will process and respond to your inquiry within twenty-four hours.

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