Buckwheat Pasta PENNE (gluten free) 340g

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Case: 6 boxes
Product of Origin: Lithuania
Minimum Order: Negotiable

Cases per pallet: 130 = 780 boxes

Shelf Life: 36 months

UPC Code: 4771138394151

Payment conditions: advanced payment before shipment.

Ocean Container: 20ft = 11 Pallets / 40ft = 20 pallets

Freight EXW: Klaipeda by Ocean Freight


Buckwheat pasta can be safely called as one of the healthiest choice for garnish with your favourite dish. After all, buckwheat is distinguished by its nutritiousness and benefit among other groats.

Gluten-free pasta
Buckwheat pasta is made of buckwheat flour which contains more green proteins than any other grain flour. Furthermore, buckwheat flour pasta contains vitamins B1 and B2 necessary for the nervous system, potassium that maintains optimal blood pressure, calcium that is responsible for the strength of nails, bones, and teeth, magnesium that helps to fight with depression as well as iodine, phosphorus, and iron. Even if you are not the biggest fans of groats, a plate of delicious pasta is an excellent and healthy choice.

Pasta made of buckwheat flour is an excellent garnish with meat and fish dishes. Also, they can be seasoned with various spices, sauces, vegetables, and other items. Then pasta becomes almost a royal dish that is suitable even for festive dinner.

BIORINA brand buckwheat pasta is made of the highest quality ecological buckwheat that is grown without any fertilizers. In the process of making pasta, all nutritional properties of buckwheat are preserved, therefore, they are healthy and our organism easily digests them. Also if you do not tolerate gluten and you’re looking for products that do not contain this protein, you can safely choose buckwheat pasta because unlike usual pasta they are gluten-free. Buckwheat flour pasta is not only distinguished by its unique taste and composition but also contains a lot of nutritive fibre and substances that you could not find in other usual wheat flour pasta.

Price: Contact Seller for pricing quotation
Case Pack: 6 Boxes
Cases per pallet: 130 = 780 boxes
Shelf Life: 36 months
UPC Code: 4771138394151
Minimum order: Negotiable
Payment conditions: advanced payment before shipment.
Ocean Container: 20ft = 11 Pallets / 40ft = 20 pallets
Freight EXW: Klaipeda by Ocean Freight
Product of Origin: Lithuania

Supplier Name: Inga Zinkiene ( Jsc Lasu Duona )

Biorina Video

Briefly about BIORINA

BIORINA brand born in 2018 when the decision was made to build a buckwheat-processing factory which started to operate in June of 2019. Since a fundamental value of the company is healthy and quality food BIO means a healthy, viable and useful product for humans and RINA is a waterhole of clear water.

The company constantly looks for new ways and means to increase the efficiency of their activity. Buckwheat processing is performed by rationally using available potential and experienced employees’ knowledge and professionalism. The company constantly invests in equipment and workplace training for employees as well as educational seminars.

Biorina goals: To preserve and foster the culture of local food products with all traditions, the ways of production and preparation that are related to these products. To supply quality and healthy food products that are grown in our and local farmers’ fields fertilized only with green fertilizers; the fields are maintained in such a way that the surrounding nature is cherished. To save the resources of our earth. To provide high quality and healthy food.

Biorina products: organic buckwheat roasted, hulled buchweat (not roasted), split  buckwheat,  buckwheat hulls buckwheat flour pasta (gluten – free), buckwheat flour.

BIORINA products are successfully exported into such countries as Ireland, England, Canada, America, Greece, Spain, Australia, Cyprus, Denmark, Hong Kong, Latvia, Estonia. If you have any questions, please contact us below.

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