Natural Linen Mask - Light Blue with Pocket

Price: $1.30 each
Size: We build custom sizes per customer requirements.
Case: 300 Shields Inner Packs of 10 Shields
Product of Origin: Lithuania
Minimum Order: 1,000 Masks

Maximum Order Quantity: 27,000 Masks

Delivery Leadtime: Next day after order is made.

Payment Terms: negotiable, prepayment is the best option, however, half price before loading and half price after receiving would be also considered.

Airfreight Shipping: EXW – Vilnius + VAT if required

Natural Linen Masks:
Masks are made of natural steamed linen. The main advantage is reusability so you can wash it over the temperature of 40 Celsius.

Natural linen mask with 12/12 cm. pockets. Pockets could be used to place filter or tissue inside and protect more. Regardless doctor of Lithuania, masks with pockets could be even used for medical purposes

Virus protection:
Regarding the specifications of official medicine masks, we have chosen analogue density of linen fabric so it guarantees same protection but ensures multiple wearing.  Moreover, Linen perfectly absorbs humidity so it perfectly fits for virus protection.

Certificates: masks have been tested at Lithuanian Energy Institute. The purpose of the tests were to determine the compliance of the face masks and fabric material breathability with the standard EN 14683-2019+AC requirements for a mask of type 1. Results: the breathability of face masks complies with the requirements for type 1 masks specified in the standard EN 14683-2019+AC

Linen care:
Linen products can be laundered with washing machine, as well as they can be trusted to dry cleaning.

About linen:
Linen is a nice, elegant, long lasting and steady natural material. Linen is useful for skin, because it allows skin to breath. Furthermore, linen doesn‘t cause any allergic reactions, it is antistatic and does not accumulate the sediments of dirt, soap and lime settlings. We assume that this is huge advantage especially for the face wearing masks. Linen is ecologic. All items, manufactured from linen, biologically decay.

Please contact us so that we can better understand your requirements.  We ship globally.

Price: $1.30 each
Minimum Order Quantity: 1,000 Masks
Maximum Order Quantity: 27,000 Masks
Delivery Leadtime: Next day after order is made.
Payment Terms: negotiable, prepayment is the best option, however, half price before loading and half price after receiving would be also considered.
Airfreight Shipping: EXW – Vilnius + VAT if required
Origin: Made in Lithuania

Supplier Name: Adomas Vitkauskas ( EKSA - Lithuania )

EKSA – natural fur coats, linen products, leather handbags

EKSA – clothes from nature. This, the motto of the family company has accompanied us since the restoration of independence. Based on their experience, quality equipment and investments in suppliers, we create high-class, classic-style clothes and accessories. You can distinguish our products by unique details that distinguish everyday wearing clothes from the crowd.

Every year we supplement our assortment with new collections, organize presentation events with the participation of our most loyal customers. We provide our customers with all the opportunities to try on products, evaluate them, take into account their comments and thus improve every day.

Linen products

One of the most popular natural materials among clothing is linen. It is characterized by a huge abundance of good qualities: an elegant, beautiful, durable and extremely durable material. Linen is useful for the skin, allows it to breathe, cools in summer, and warms in winter. Also, flax does not cause any allergic reactions and is a natural antiseptic, so linen products are suitable for everyone.

In Lithuania, a stereotypical attitude towards linen has been formed: it wrinkles, associates with antiquity, is not suitable for wearing when going to work, parties, meetings or meetings. We want to debunk these myths, so in our production we use flax, which is already in the production process a little gently creased and steamed, the clothes worn look natural and even attractive. After washing, it is enough to compare only with a steam iron or not to iron it at all. Linen dresses, linen blouses, linen trousers, linen skirts, linen jackets, this is part of the assortment we create. All these products are colored, decorated with various details, which give the products an image of splendor, playfulness and luxury.

Natural fur coats

The first steps in the life of the company began precisely with fur coats. Back in the first years of independence, the first natural fur coats were born in Šilutė, where the life of the EKSA family is still boiling to this day. Beaver fur coats are most suitable for Lithuanian weather, as they are very warm and perfectly protect from rain and do not absorb it. After gaining experience and knowledge, the range was supplemented by mink fur coats, sheepskin coats, karakul fur coats. With the development of equipment and adaptation to the changed climate, warming weather and fashion trends, we have improved our fur dressing technologies – fur coats have become twice as thin and lighter. Also, our collection was supplemented by fur vests, gloves, coats, half-necklaces, collars.

Leather handbags

The accumulated experience, investments in equipment and suppliers allowed us to expand our production and release natural leather handbags. Handbags, shoulder bags, handbags, cosmetics – this is only part of what we create. Handmade products are distinguished by high-end leather and unique details. These products are lightweight and compact. Leather handbags for stylish women - suitable for both special occasions and everyday wear.

Individual orders

Individual orders show our approach to each customer. With careful collection of information, we can sew a high-end product. Sewing fur coats, sewing fur coats, making jewelry, making bags – the main orders that we carry out. Natural fur coats, linen products, leather handbags – for every stylish woman.

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